CCTV – What It Means To You
Technology can do a lot to protect your investment. A professionally installed CCTV and alarm system offers a number of practical benefits: a modern digital system can monitor and record every aspect of your property.

Domestic Installations
For domestic customers, security is provided by any number of cameras, all recording to a main server – which is montiored from quite literally anywhere in the world via a secure internet connection. Home alarms can also be installed with direct links to the authorities via a subscription service.

Out-Houses & Exterior Buildings
Exteririor buildings can equally be secured – from garages to home-offices and stables. Any building which may be atarget of unwated attention can be secured, alarmed and monitored intelligently.

FREE Consultations
We do offer free consultation to discuss your requirements before quoting and undertaking larger security projects with (for example) multiple cameras and alarm systems working together with back up electrical supply. Please call us on 07809 680068 for further details.